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Home Programs ~ An opportunity to start therapy!

Wait lists can be long and other times it can be difficult to come into the clinic or to organise therapy appointments. A home program may be an option for you. While receiving therapy directly from a trained therapist is always the best option, we understand that life can get in the way or at times become challenging, so that’s why we make it possible for you to do therapy at home, using evidence-based strategies and resources, with some support from experienced clinicians. More information can be found here


There are times when you are not sure of the best approach for your needs. Coaching with a professional can be a way forward to help you. We coach using ~ 

  • LSVT LOUD - see more here

  • Hanen Approaches

  • IDDSI swallowing guidelines & more. 

Contact us for more information on


Shortly we will be offering for carers and organisations who need support with a disability focus. Stay tuned for more through

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